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Big Blue Folder is a practical, easy-to-use tool for sharing your legacy with your descendants and other important people in your life. This application lets you prepare any form of media (personal notes, photos, videos, or anything else) to be delivered to your loved ones when you no longer can.

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Everyone Needs Big Blue Folder

It’s one thing to collect things during your lifetime. It’s another to pass them along to the people who matter most.

Big Blue Folder gives you the ability to organize and personalize meaningful notes, documents, photos and other important content, then store them for delivery when the time is right.

Big Blue Folder, what is important stays important.

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Big Blue Folder is Simple to Use


First, create a Big Blue Folder. It’s super simple.


Add recipients. Loved one. Family member. Friend. Colleague. Use as many folders as you’d like.


Decide what to pass along and add it to the folder for safekeeping. It won’t go anywhere, until you say so.


After you’re gone, your friends and family will receive a message inviting them to view your memories.

Think of it as the social media platform for your afterlife

We believe what you say and do in life is no different than what you say and do after death. There’s only one you. Big Blue Folder gives you the tools you need to express yourself.

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Why Use Big Blue Folder

Enjoy Organizing

Big Blue Folder is designed for a delightful experience. Whether you're adding recipients or writing custom messages, you'll find our service a pleasure to use.

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Sign up for a free Big Blue Folder account right now, with no commitment. You'll enjoy all our folder- management features, plus a generous amount of initial storage to get going.

For Your Eyes Only

Big Blue Folder takes the confidentiality of your memories very seriously. Everything you create is encrypted with a custom key that's unique to your account. This applies to any text you enter, as well as any files you upload and store.

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Just ask! Big Blue Folder is designed to be easy to use, but we're here for you when you need help.

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Managing your memories and legacy is easier than you think. How easy? Sign up for a free Big Blue Folder account and discover for yourself!